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Game Development with Kotlin and Libgdx

I’ve been using libgdx for a couple of simple games. Its a great platform as it provides cross-platform game development and is compatible with any JVM language. I’ve been using Kotlin and it works fantastically with Libgdx. So you get the power of a modern language that doesn’t add much bulk to an Android app and still have access to a great toolkit. The one caveat with using Kotlin (or any other JVM language) on LibGdx is that you can’t target HTML 5 as a target platform as GWT operates on the Java source code (not the byte code). You can still target desktop, android and iOS so its not much of a limitation for me.

I’m not going to give a tutorial as there are already great ones out there but I’ll keep a collection of useful links I discover as I go.

Some useful links to get you started:


Example projects written in Kotlin-Libgdx: